To perfect the big picture, All the little details are important.

We are eager to take the digital world for a test drive

About Bugomega’s start up story and founding values

When business models are built based on need, only then will they have a value and a meaning for customers and users in the first place and for the founders and partners investing in this business, furthermore for the economy of the hosting country.

As digital channels have become embedded in every aspect of our lives, Bugomega has taken a step to focus on supervising these channels by performing quality control tests.

Bugomega is the seeds of a plane tree. The seeds of this company was sowed in Teknopark—Yıldız Technical University’s Davutpaşa campus. The first branch of the plane tree has become Beko—one of Arçelik’s brands. The journey that is set off to reach almost 50 countries started with country websites of Belgium and Spain. The newest sprouts of our tree are Güral Cam Ambalaj Sanayi, Hadi live information competition’s mobile application and Monster gaming PC.

Bugomega’s purpose is hidden in its name; An end, free from bugs and deficiencies!

Bug>omega! Bugs are indispensable and are in the nature of the software world. Especially when the subject is web and mobile then bugs are even more inevitable. All conditions; web browsers, search engines, integrations, user interface and core software developers are subject to human error and therefore compromise user experience, these alone are parameters for causing bugs and deficiencies.

Even though bugs are so regular in such an environment, users are even more unforgiving against bugs and errors and their flawless and good experience expectations are very high.

When this is the case, the following basic need comes up;

Web & e-Commerce websites, mobile application and digital ends in traditional channels (Kiosk, ATM etc.) must be as bug-free as possible and ensure their functionality for a decent user experience.

Your brand’s reputation and the digital aspect of your business is dependent on the performance on these platforms as this is where the game is played.

Bugomega is preparing to ensure your business to stand on the winning side in this digital game and prevent you from losing credits.

Common features of the two founding players in the team;

  • Total awareness of the fact that the customer is a blessing
  • Decent knowledge to provide services in compliance with the market segment
  • Show sympathy to internal and external customers
  • Stand in customer’s shoes and share mutual hopes
  • Empathetic and transparent management without compromising sincerity
  • Being impatient and anxious to produce added-value

Subsidiary features of the two founding players in the team;

  • One having a decent knowledge about the tricks of the testing business
  • The other being high-experienced in service and customer oriented business.
  • Complete one another with a precautious and aggressive risk taker personalities
  • Mutual awareness that one of them is not enough and that they complete each other and having a mutual mentality to promise the best service to each other.

Bugomega’s values;

  • Believing in the “There is only one right” principle
  • Make no compromises in objectivity and in values it believes
  • Show sympathy
  • Do what feels right in the heart

Bugomega market and business definition:

  • Supervising digital channels
    • Corporate websites, e-Commerce websites, mobile applications and various screen contact points with the user (In-shop & indoors digital screens, various interactive touch screens etc.)

Bugomega’s customer definition;

  • Their business model is built on online channels and all of their operations are executed on these channels.
  • The majority of their customers being online
  • Makes profit and builds reputation with their digital channels
  • In digital transformation period or newly entering the digital business.
  • Pays attention to and measures customer experience

Bugomega’s strategic principle;

  • Ensure solid digital channels by supervising the unchangeable facts and blending in nice-to-have features
  • Preventing our customers from losing profit and reputation due to bugs and deficiencies in their digital channels

Bugomega’s basic features and competencies;

  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Present a solution guide
  • Ensure harmony to implement the solution
  • Performing last control tests